Mash This Volume 1 PREVIEW

Here are some new mashups that will be in the full Mash This Volume 1 Mixtape.

DJ Burnout has been in the lab for quite some time perfecting his craft in the art of MASHUPS. He has worked countless hours in making a mixtape compiled of exclusive MASHUPS that he, DJ Burnout, has made in the past year. "BURNOUT MASH THIS" will soon be a global phenomenon once the mixtape is released. ON FRIDAY, MAY 27TH 2011, THE WORLD WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!!! Stay tuned to this event page because on Friday, the mixtape and all individual BURNOUT MASHUPS will be released!!!

Time Rock (BURNOUT MASHUP) by DJ Burnout

Project Love (BURNOUT MASHUP) by DJ Burnout

Look At Rambo Now (BURNOUT MASHUP) by DJ Burnout

Bang Bomb (BURNOUT MASHUP) by DJ Burnout

Hey Minesweeper (BURNOUT MASHUP) by DJ Burnout

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